14 Things Your Muslim Wife *Really* Won’t Tell You (Snark Edition)

The guest post was lovingly created by a think tank of trying-to-be Ideal Muslimahs with an eye for issues of concern to Muslim women, such as sexuality, polygamy, reality, and other such dangerous ideas.Muslim Village offers (somewhat bewildering) advice about what Muslim men won’t tell their wives, and a brother (erroneously) speaking on behalf of sisters over at Muslim Marriage Guide has explained what Muslim wives won’t tell their husbands. While attempting to memorize by heart this adv … [Read more...]

The Men We Should Not Marry

A few days ago a fellow Facebook friend of Indian descent posted “10 reasons why you should not marry a Pakistani man”. Articles like this are not uncommon, since attitudes towards marrying certain types of men are not uncommon. In all cultures, religions and groups, there are assumptions about the best or worst marriage partners which often rely on a bunch of stereotypes that are not necessarily helpful or useful when engaging in partner-seeking.Image accompanying the article.- Via The E … [Read more...]

Strictly Soulmates: The Trials and Tribulations of British Muslim ‘Singletons’

This post was written by guest contributor Maria Salman.Marriage: The one word on the tip of the tongue for many young Muslims. The difficulties in searching for the elusive One experienced by the Muslim diaspora is a phenomenon that is well documented. Google the phrase “Muslim marriage crisis,” and a substantial number of hits comes up – especially about the dearth of eligible Muslim bachelors and the struggles of over-30 professional Muslim women in finding a suitable mate who is on par wi … [Read more...]

Mosques and Marriages: Manifestations of Patriarchy and Misogyny in the Western, Muslim Context

This post was written by guest contributor Amina Jabbar.As I was sifting through the internet, blogger A Bengali in T.O. caught me with a personal question: “Where are the Girls in this Mosque?” The women’s prayer space at the mosque he was visiting was completely separated, with no direct view of speaker in the main prayer hall, only connected via a set of speakers and a monitor. In reflection, he aptly noted, “This is the problem, the big problem, in today's Muslim organizations. If you ta … [Read more...]

Muslim Women, Not-So-Muslim Men: Interfaith Marriage in the UK

Since apparently all of us over the ripe age of 20 walk around with visible and obnoxiously loud ticking analog biological clocks, it’s no surprise that the issue of marriage is constantly smacked into our faces as though it is the sole defining moment and relationship of our lives. Marriage for Muslim women, whatever shade of practice, belief and color they come in, is a big deal. It may not be a big deal for a particular Muslim woman, perhaps, but those around her still tend to make it into a p … [Read more...]

Deconstructing Pre-Marriage Advice for Singaporean Muslims

This is my marriage contract, certifying that my husband and I went through a “marriage ceremony peformed under Islamic rites”, and that he had agreed to certain “special conditions” otherwise known as ta’aliq. We didn’t pay much attention to the conditions provided to us by the kadi (judge) from the syariah court, dismissing it as a formality. But this article prompted my husband to promptly tear up the contract.Last week, an organisation dedicated to converts in Singapore was accused of tea … [Read more...]

Love, Love, Love: Muslim Women and Marriage in the Media

Love and marriage and relationships have been everywhere these days, especially as they relate to Muslims, and particularly Muslim women. After reading a highly gendered, sexist and inappropriate article on the women that men should not marry, which fortunately was tackled by MMW’s Sara in a humorous piece, I decided to take a look into how Muslim women’s love choices (or lack of choice) have been portrayed lately in the media.Starting with the fact that love + Muslim women equals an eno … [Read more...]