This is why you’re single, Muslim ladies

Listen Muslim ladies, it’s the slow-jam Imam --- and it’s time that we have a heart-to-heart.[Obligatory soundtrack]If you’re wondering why you haven’t had any success at masjid mixers, or you’re cursing that seemingly wasted subscription at Naseeb, I’ve got some answers for you. Chances are that you fall into one of these categories of ladies unfit for a Muslim gentleman (thanks to my friends at Muslim Spice for bringing this important matter up):You’re using social media: It might b … [Read more...]

The “Problem” of Spinsterhood in the Gulf

Last month, one of my close friends in Dubai got engaged. She is 35, an accountant, and her fiancé is a doctor. I still remember how her mother used to worry about her not getting married, to the extent that she kept wondering what was going to happen to her daughter after she (the mother) dies! In Arab-Muslim society, being a 'spinster' is a real 'problem,' and often a crippling stigma.A woman that reaches 30 years of age without getting married is considered a 'spinster', who contributes … [Read more...]

What Men Want

“Love  Marriage and Fairytales” is a somewhat misleading title to a popular Muslim Youtube video, trending in various social media circles, having gone “Muslim-viral,” as my fellow MMW contributor Sana Saeed calls it.  This video (according to information discerned from the Youtube account) is an attempt to highlight the most frequent and problematic issues facing marriages today while also pointing towards Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer and restorer of every marriage.   Unfortunately, ho … [Read more...]

Muslim Dating Sites and the Technology of Marriage, Part II

Yesterday we introduced you to online Muslim matchmaking world and a few popular websites. Today we look at one is a site created by Baba Ali, founder of Ummah Films and a number of different resources and products for Muslims. is new to the Muslim matchmaking scene, but it prides itself on helping around 12 couples that got married in the last seven months, as reported in their Facebook page.Unlike the rest of the sites, … [Read more...]

Muslim Matchmaking Sites and the Technology of Marriage, Part I

Muslimah Media Watch thanks Saad Mubarak Almutairi for his contributions to this research.As marriage remains a powerful institution in Islam, it is only normal to see marriage “technologies” advance. As traditional matchmakers become non-existent in some places in the world, the internet represents a new alternative for those Muslims who want to marry the “halal” way. Whether online dating is really halal or not is a matter of opinion, but a number of Muslims have chosen to participate in the … [Read more...]

Women’s Voices Now: I Accept I Accept I Accept

Today's film "captures the true essence of the protagonist’s feelings getting into an arrange marriage." It was submitted by Sanaa Iftikar in Pakistan.What do you think, readers?You can watch the rest of the submissions at the Women's Voices Now website. … [Read more...]

Funny or Far-Fetched? Ghada Abdel Aal’s I Want to Get Married

It reads as if the pages were lifted right from the script of Mad Men. Dozens of eager women primping and pinning every loose strand of hair into place, applying the last touch of lipstick, giving each other catty glares and then waiting, like sitting ducks, to be called upon by the handsome leading male character.Only this isn’t 1960s New York City, where the ability to lure males to bed means notoriety and these aren’t a couple of secretaries working in an ad agency. This is modern-day Egy … [Read more...]