Critical Mass of Badass: “Badass Muslimahs”

A recent addition to the thousands of Tumblrs intended mostly for the edification of their own creators, Badass Muslimahs began as a project in mid-October 2010. The site’s creator, Sara, has little besides a small blurb to describe her Tumblr’s purpose—but then, words are not really the currency of Tumblr. (Founded in 2007, the microblogging site has taken off since the beginning of 2009 and is now arguably the hottest and most accessible blogging portal available). “Badass Muslimahs,” as Sara e … [Read more...]

“Report from a Pashtun Teen” in the New York Times

After reading Nicholas Kristof and Sheryll WuDunn’s Half the Sky earlier this year, I began to frequent Kristof’s blog at the New York Times website, “On the Ground.”  While I found parts of his book lacking in portraying some of the women’s own voices (there are places where women from the developing world are portrayed in the role of the “Other” to a dominant and paternalistic “Western World”), I admired his storytelling ability and emphasis on women’s empowerment.  I wanted to read more of his … [Read more...]