The Media’s Role in Limiting Women’s Development

I was following with interest media commentaries on the recent experts meeting on women’s media empowerment convened by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia in Beirut (ESCWA). It was clear that independent communication campaigns to promote women’s causes and concerns are gaining a lot of ground in the Arab World. New digital media are making it quite possible for women’s groups to communicate their ideas and views to global publics.But one issue raised at the meeting that I t … [Read more...]

Muslim Women in the Media Liveblog

Salam, readers! Some of you may know that both Krista and I attended the Muslim Voices: Rescripting Islam conference at Indiana University last Thursday. You may not know, however, that this was the first time Krista and I had ever met in person! It was really wonderful to connect with her and with our other panelist, Mona Eltahawy.They liveblogged our panel on Muslim women in the media, and you can enjoy the discussion here: Muslim women in the media (Re-scripting Islam Liveblog) AKPC_IDS += … [Read more...]

Maintaining a Narrative: ABC’s Monolithic Muslim Experience

Spearheading the healing of a slowly crippling nation, ABC News has decided to take it upon itself to play the role of facilitator between American Muslims and the generally more acceptable genre of Americans. ABC has broadcasted an assemblage of insightful (see: inciteful) shows aimed at answering those hard-hitting questions that no one else seems to be asking, as indicated by the aptly-entitled "Holy War: Should Americans be afraid of Islam?", hosted by the ever identity-complex-laden … [Read more...]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Women’s Rights in Kuwait

It's been a busy month for the constitutional court in the tiny Gulf Arab nation of Kuwait. Earlier this week, Kuwait's highest court ruled that women now have the right to obtain a passport without the consent of their husbands and guardians. The ruling abrogated an article of a 1962 law that required women to gain their husband's signature on any passport application.The court, following complaints from thousands of women who have petitioned to change the law, finally ruled that the article … [Read more...]

Another New MMW Contributor

Salam MMW readers!My name is Malika and I'm an American journalist who recently moved to the Gulf (Persian to some, Arabian to others). It's an incredibly interesting time to be living in a region that's still trying to determine what kind of place it wants to be. In the meantime, there are lots of fascinating critiques to be made on the representation of women in pop culture and in the media here as the region vacillates between Western tendencies and Eastern traditions, and I look forward … [Read more...]

Authority, the Media, and Muslim Women

I have begun to read Khaled Abou El-Fadl’s Speaking in God’s Name: Islamic Law, Authority and Women again. My first attempt was about two years ago while I was still finishing my Bachelor’s. The book is not easy to get through and the first time out proved to be a massive failure. This time is proving to be better, since I have more time to read it (although it is still proving to be difficult yet enjoyable to read). As we can tell from the title, a huge part of the book is dedicated to autho … [Read more...]

It’s time western media looked beyond the veil

This was written by Mohammed Ayish and originally published in The National.Most Arabs are resigned to being stereotyped by western media, but for Arab women the problem is particularly acute.I was invited to Doha in Qatar last week to present the Arab Women Media Strategy at a conference called East and West: Women in Media’s Eye. My assumption beforehand was that the event would be yet another platform to expose the misrepresentation of women in Arab media: and the discussions were indeed i … [Read more...]