Speak Your Mind: Mona Eltahawy’s Advice on Media

I spent this past Sunday morning at a brunch hosted by the Canadian Council of Muslim Women to honor "Women Who Inspire."  Five Canadian Muslim women were presented with awards recognizing their contributions in the fields of politics, education, and community activism.Also present was Mona Eltahawy, a U.S.-based journalist who gave a speech about media representations of Muslims.  She had some interesting reflections that I thought I'd share here on MMW.Eltahawy began her talk by s … [Read more...]

Unfair Play: Doha Conference Sheds Light on Biased Images of Muslim Women in Western Media

This week in Doha, Qatar, the "East and West — Women in Media’s Eye" conference took place in Education City. The Peninsula and The Gulf Times both had pieces on the event. However, I was hard pressed to find any articles about the conference in any Western based, English language media outlet. Insha'Allah (God willing), this event will get more attention in some Western English language media outlets because the results definitely need to be heard not only by readers in the Gulf.Saadia Izz … [Read more...]

How to Write about Muslims (for real)

This piece was written by both Sobia and KristaAfter getting all of that sarcasm out of our systems two weeks ago, we decided it might be useful to put together a list of actual guidelines for writing about Muslims.  Of course, this is mostly just wishful thinking, because if reporters actually seemed willing to adhere to guidelines like this, then there would be no need for this blog.  But here are some suggestions anyway.A lot of this isn't new stuff, as you'll see from the many MMW p … [Read more...]

MMW Roundtable on the Murder of Aasiya Hassan

Salam waleykum, readers. Last week, we brought you daily updates on the Muslim community's response to Aasiya Hassan's murder.This week, we're bringing you our own thoughts on the coverage surrounding the case.Media coverage around Aasiya Hassan's murder has been slow but steady in its speculation. Much of it has been Islamophobic, throwing around sound bytes from unqualified spokespeople (looking in Brigitte Gabriel's direction), making assumptions about Islamic law, and generalizing about … [Read more...]

Media Whores: The Egyptian Media’s Defamatory Coverage of the Murders of Heba & Nadine

A week ago, Heba Akad, the daughter of famous Moroccan singer, Laila Ghofran, was brutally murdered while sleeping over at the house of one of her girlfriends.Her girlfriend, Nadine Gamal, was also murdered and died from stab wounds and a slashed neck.Heba, who was stabbed half a dozen times, called her husband as soon as the murderer left and told him what had happened. It took her husband two hours to drive over to the apartment at Sheikh Zayed, a city on the outskirts of Cairo, and by … [Read more...]