Is “Men Wanted” What Real Arab Women Need?

After 90 episodes, ‘Men Wanted’, the Syrian Arabic soap opera, has concluded its season for this year on Saudi-owned television channel MBC 4.

Men Wanted

The cast of Men Wanted.

For those who do not know ‘Men Wanted,’ the Venezuelan-style soap opera is adapted to an Arab environment, with its actions taking place in Dubai. ‘Men Wanted’ tells the story of Hala, an Egyptian lady married to Khaled, a successful businessman, with a son and a daughter. Hala owns a beauty salon, in which a number of ladies from different nationalities work. The audience follows the life of Hala after she discovers her husband’s infidelity, and explores what would happen to a lady with highly seductive looks that most men she meets would always find irresistible.

As viewers, we also follow the “adventures” of her husband, who ends up falling in the arms of a prostitute; her son, who switches between girls as if he is changing clothes; and her daughter, who got married to her university professor, after having an “unbelievable love story.”

The huge budget allocated for this soap opera is most conspicuous in the chosen shooting locations, in addition to the extravagant clothing and makeup styles adopted by its female stars that seem to mark an outrageous detachment from reality. Hala appears to be the Marilyn Monroe of Dubai: every man meeting her easily submits to her as if she is the only one with good looks around.

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