South Africa’s Open Mosque : Media, Feminist Critiques and “Unopen” Mosques.

Praying at Masjid ul Islam, Johannesburg.

The past month has been controversy ridden for the South African Muslim community, as news of the inauguration of the ‘Open Mosque’ in Cape Town has forced Muslims to tackle issues of gender equality, sexual orientation and religious freedom.Community radio stations, national broadcasters, newspapers and social media have been abuzz with news of the Open Mosque, covering everything from the protests and backlash against such an idea and death threats against the founder, to the alleged clo … [Read more...]

Challenging Stereotypes: Part I

Much different from a bag of garbage, this Afghani girl attends a skateboarding school where 40% of its students are female.

This post was originally published at wood turtle.This is the third post in my ongoing series on the media stereotyping of Muslim women.There are amazing media makers in the Muslim blogosphere and this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the fabulous people out there challenging stereotypes. In fact, I’ve had to split this post into two in order to include everyone. Stay tuned for Part II.If you have a favourite example that’s not represented here, please share it in the comme … [Read more...]

Privilege and Prayer Spaces: An Interview with Hind Makki of Side Entrance

A woman prays at the Dome of the Rock. Photo provided by Hind Makki.

“I am airing dirty laundry, because it needs to get washed” - Hind Makki "Children of Adam, take your pleasantness to every Mosque." (Qur'an 7:31)How often have we as Muslim women been enthusiastic about praying in a new space, and have attended a new masjid only to be discouraged by the lack of accommodation, area or accessibility for female worshippers? How often have we been pleasantly surprised by the well-lit rooms and inviting, comfortable spaces for female worshippers?An int … [Read more...]

Ramadan Recap 2013

Eid Mubarak!  I hope that all of our readers celebrating had a wonderful holiday.MMW's Ramadan series this year featured 23 posts, written by MMW writers and guest contributors writing from 12 different countries, on issues of food, community, family, solitude, epiphanies, and struggles.  Click here to go back through any of the posts you may have missed.Of course, we weren't the only ones writing about our Ramadan experiences.  Here are a few other posts that captured our attention over … [Read more...]

Mosques and Marriages: Manifestations of Patriarchy and Misogyny in the Western, Muslim Context

Little Mosque

This post was written by guest contributor Amina Jabbar.As I was sifting through the internet, blogger A Bengali in T.O. caught me with a personal question: “Where are the Girls in this Mosque?” The women’s prayer space at the mosque he was visiting was completely separated, with no direct view of speaker in the main prayer hall, only connected via a set of speakers and a monitor. In reflection, he aptly noted, “This is the problem, the big problem, in today's Muslim organizations. If you ta … [Read more...]

Egyptian Women Hanging out in Mosques

I came across an interesting Associated Press article a couple of days ago titled Egyptian women break new ground at the mosque by Canadian journalist Hadeel Al-Shalchi.The article discusses how Egyptian women are beginning to not only frequent mosques more, but to use their time there to socialize, learn about Islam, and participate in community work.All in all, it was a pretty solid article, and Al-Shalchi does a good job of discussing the ways women have increased their participation in … [Read more...]

Looking at Masjid Inequality in Australia

'Eid Mubarak to everyone! 'Eid ul'adha is a reflective time for Muslims all over. There's the story Abraham and Ismail's sacrifice to God and what that sacrifice means in terms of our own relationships to God. There's also Hagar's story of being in the desert and actively asking God to help her find food and water for her and her child. During Hajj itself, there are many lessons learned by the pilgrims. One of the greatest is the equality of all Muslims before God. During hajj, men and women … [Read more...]