Mother’s Day Hypocrisy

This was written by Nadine Moawad and originally published at Sawt al Niswa.Ya3ni, we all know that corporations get especially greedy around Mother’s Day trying to shove ads down our throats everywhere we look. And it’s hypocritical of Lebanon to celebrate mothers anyway when they are so blatantly inferior to fathers in almost every aspect of the law. If you love mothers so much, give them their right to guardianship of their children, at least!But anyway, this particular billboard fro … [Read more...]

All About our Mothers

This was written by Youssef Rakha and originally appeared in The National.“Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day, Mama,” the woman spewed forth, her face taking up far too much of my TV screen. “Thanks so much for breast-feeding me for so long.”The woman was too emphatically ordinary to be convincing as a representative of the Egyptian middle-class, and she stood in the middle of a supermarket which, like most stores on Egyptian TV, was far more spacious and better stocked than anywhere ave … [Read more...]