Mugshot VS Murder: the Media’s Angle on Bhia Hadid’s Murder

A two year old girl, Bhia Hadid, has been killed. The police have arrested and charged her aunt for the murder. Which of these things is more noteworthy? The Southtown Star and various other newspapers across Chicago and the U.SĀ carried articles about the case which posits that the latter is more important: the accused, Nour Hadid, happens to be a Muslim, and she also happens to wear the hijab. During her arrest and subsequent mugshot, Hadid was forced to remove her hijab: the mugshot shows an … [Read more...]

Media Whores: The Egyptian Media’s Defamatory Coverage of the Murders of Heba & Nadine

A week ago, Heba Akad, the daughter of famous Moroccan singer, Laila Ghofran, was brutally murdered while sleeping over at the house of one of her girlfriends.Her girlfriend, Nadine Gamal, was also murdered and died from stab wounds and a slashed neck.Heba, who was stabbed half a dozen times, called her husband as soon as the murderer left and told him what had happened. It took her husband two hours to drive over to the apartment at Sheikh Zayed, a city on the outskirts of Cairo, and by … [Read more...]