Do Muslim Feminists Have Too Much to Worry About Already to Think About Homophobia?

This was originally published at Cycads.Once a week, I meet with people studying gender in the Middle East and we talk about the assigned articles we've read during the week. Last week, it was about sexuality and homophobia. Emerging from our discussion on LGBT rights in the Middle East (particularly in Lebanon and Palestine) is the question why many Muslim feminists have failed to include sexuality rights on their agenda. Not one, but two people answered by saying that Muslim feminists have … [Read more...]

On Muslim Women, Feminism, and Diversity of Experiences, an alternative news source in Canada, recently posted a podcast that was originally broadcast on Co-Op Radio in Vancouver, on their show "The F Word," which looks at feminist issues.  Entitled "Islam, women and feminisms," this segment features interviews with two Canadian Muslim women, Itrath Syed and Farzana Doctor.The host of the show talking about the prevalence of images of Muslims in media and popular culture, especially post-9/11, and the need to look critically at these.  S … [Read more...]