MMW Roundtable: Jonah Goldberg’s Feminist Concerns

A few weeks ago, Jonah Goldberg wrote an op-ed claiming that feminism’s work in the West is “mostly done” and that’s it’s time to take feminism “overseas” to Muslim women.We disagree.Diana: Where do you begin in tearing apart Jonah Goldberg’s “Talking feminism overseas?” I can almost see Gayatri Spivak shaking her head as she waves her finger back and forth, saying as she has before, “white men saving brown women from brown men.”  So much for novelty in the discourse surrounding “third worl … [Read more...]

Do Muslim Feminists Have Too Much to Worry About Already to Think About Homophobia?

This was originally published at Cycads.Once a week, I meet with people studying gender in the Middle East and we talk about the assigned articles we've read during the week. Last week, it was about sexuality and homophobia. Emerging from our discussion on LGBT rights in the Middle East (particularly in Lebanon and Palestine) is the question why many Muslim feminists have failed to include sexuality rights on their agenda. Not one, but two people answered by saying that Muslim feminists have … [Read more...]

Visiting the Hijab…Again

This was written by Farah Banihali and originally published at Nuseiba.Last month a forum was held at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas focusing on Islam and feminism. Called “Beyond the Veil: Islam and Feminism”, it involved Dr. Gary Bouma, a sociology academic at Monash University; Zainah Anwar, founder of Malaysian group Sisters in Islam (SIS) and a founding director of Musawah; and Dr. Shakira Hussein, an academic at ANU.So with big expectations about the forum and the issues that would (po … [Read more...]