Age Is Not Just a Number: A Look into the Recent Controversy about Legalizing Child Marriages among Kerala Muslims

The last few months have witnessed an uproar in my home state, Kerala, surrounding the government’s release of a circular legalizing the registration of marriages of Muslim women younger than 18 years old and Muslim men younger than 21 years old. India, though a secular country, allows Muslims to follow the Muslim Personal Law in all civil matters. This is one of the reasons why a Muslim man can legally marry up to four wives, and can divorce his wife with the triple talaq, while a person of any … [Read more...]

A Marriage made in Parliament: South Africa’s Muslim Personal Law Bill, Part 2

This is part two of our series on Muslim Personal Law in South Africa. Today, we will analyze media coverage of the bill. Check out part one here.Several mainstream newspapers across South Africa have been reporting on the MPL matter. How have Muslim women been portrayed in these articles?The Cape Argus article, for one, opens with a shocking statement: Justice bosses are rushing through laws that will stop Muslim women from being treated as second-class citizens. This startled me. I … [Read more...]

A Marriage made in Parliament: South Africa’s Muslim Personal Law Bill, Part 1

This is the first of a two-series post on South Africa's Muslim Personal Law bill. Today's post will cover the history of the bill.The issue of Muslim Personal Law (MPL) in South Africa, which has been under scrutiny in the media recently, is a contentious one, with a volatile history that spans over two decades, a revolution, and four government changes. The ongoing debate has sparked controversy in the Muslim and non-Muslim media alike.The MPL Bill defines its own aims as: To make … [Read more...]