So How DO You Write About Muslims?

Long-time readers might remember a post from three years ago, where Sobia and I wrote a guide for How to Write About Muslims.  You can click on the title of that post for the full version, but here's the list of rules we compiled: … [Read more...]

How to Write about Muslims (for real)

This piece was written by both Sobia and KristaAfter getting all of that sarcasm out of our systems two weeks ago, we decided it might be useful to put together a list of actual guidelines for writing about Muslims.  Of course, this is mostly just wishful thinking, because if reporters actually seemed willing to adhere to guidelines like this, then there would be no need for this blog.  But here are some suggestions anyway.A lot of this isn't new stuff, as you'll see from the many MMW p … [Read more...]

Muslim in America: The Experiment

CNN recently featured a story of a social science experiment conducted by Dr. Akbar Ahmed, professor and chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington. ...[t]he project that's been dubbed Journey into an offshoot of a 2006 endeavor that took him, and a few of those traveling with him now... into the Muslim world abroad. That initial trip involving visits to mosques, madrassas (religious schools) and private homes from Syria to Indonesia became the basis of Ahmed's … [Read more...]

A Satiric Guide to Writing About Muslims

Muslimah Media Watch thanks Faisal Kutty for the tip.This was written by both Krista and Sobia.Before we start, we want to take a minute to remember and honour Aqsa Parvez as a person and not just as a topic of debate. A lot of the writing about her - whether by people who use her story to fuel Islamophobia, or people who are trying to stand up against the resulting misrepresentation of Muslims - ends up overlooking the fact that this is a real person that we're talking about. While … [Read more...]