Nahid Persson’s “Prostitution Behind the Veil”

This post was written by Farah Banihali and originally published at Nuseiba. For another perspective on Persson's documentary, check out Alicia's article from a few weeks ago.Iran has always been a country I’d love to sit down and read up on. When I first started university, I wrote a (terrible) essay on the causes of the Iranian Revolution and I got too caught up in names, dates and places and I never really learned anything. So my knowledge of the area is a little limited, but I try to r … [Read more...]

My Daughters’ Keeper: Nahid Persson’s “Prostitution Behind The Veil”

For a relatively high-brow TV channel, BBC4 is known for providing top quality programs and dramas. So when the BBC commemorated the 30th anniversary of Islamic Revolution in Iran, I became glued to the channel's string of intriguing documentaries on all things Iranian, post-1979. There were plenty on Iran-US nuclear politics and the fall of the Shah, all testosterone-fueled stuff. Sticking out from the rest for bearing themes that were uniquely female was the unfortunately-titled Prostitution … [Read more...]