Feminists in Neverland: Wolf and Chesler Play War

Salon's "Feminists face off over the veil" is supposed to reflect a serious debate, not only related to feminism itself, but to the conception non-Muslim feminists have of Islam. Writer Tracy Clark-Flory depicts the feud in a very anti-feminist way, as some kind of wrestling game: "In one corner, we have Naomi Wolf [...] In the other, we have Phyllis Chesler". The warlike lexicon in this text seems trying either to turn the dialogue between the two feminists into an aggressive interaction (like, … [Read more...]

The Fight of the Century: Chesler vs. Wolf

This was originally published at my personal site.Phyllis Chesler and Naomi Wolf have gotten themselves into a battle royale over…the veil.And everyone seems to be concerned what two privileged non-Muslim white ladies think about this subject. Funny, considering Chesler picks fights all the time, and no one seemed to be interested in an actual debate she had with Dorchen Leidholdt a few months ago about Islam and women that was actually informed and somewhat rational (on Dorchen's end, a … [Read more...]