Nazia Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: On Nazia Quazi and the Media

Despite her story being told in a series of media alerts posted a few weeks ago on Racialicious, Katha Politt's blog at The Nation, and here at MMW, Nazia Quazi’s problem is not making the headlines it should. Dual Indian-Canadian citizen Quazi has been held in Saudi Arabia for the past two years due to her male guardian's (in this case, her father) refusal to allow her to leave the country.There are many versions to Quazi's story—some including a side trip to Dubai, some including a man, some … [Read more...]

Action Alert: Nazia Quazi

This was written by Thea Lim and originally appeared at Racialicious.We are late on picking up the story of Nazia Quazi, a Canadian woman being held against her will in Saudi Arabia.The Coast recently ran an interview with Quazi, explaining her situation: A Canadian woman being held against her will in Saudi Arabia says the Canadian government is not taking her plight seriously.Nazia Quazi was taken to Saudi Arabia by her father in November 2007. Because of that country’s archaic g … [Read more...]