Friday Links | July 15, 2011

The British Jihad Against Violence gets some coverage in Common Ground News.Surprise! The Iranian government will support books about hijab and modesty.USA Today profiles Kulsoom Abdullah's and her fight to wear hijab during weightlifting competitions.Women in rural Bangladesh raise money for their own microfinance programs.British Muslim men are urged to "find women from within their own community" instead of "outsourcing" wives.Muslim women in parts of Australia would be … [Read more...]

Friday Links | July 8, 2011

This week's links was graciously put together for us by Anneke van der Berg.Australian police allowed to ask for removal of burqa.Muslim Stephanie not allowed on bus in France, because of her 'burqa.'NZ prime minister: veil no excuse for discrimination.Another Pakistani woman killed, officials stay quiet.Female Afghani journalist Farida Nekzad featured on Al-Arabiya.Al Jazeera features a series of pictures on women in Gaza.Thirty-three Kuwaiti women divorce … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 24, 2011

A nine-year- old Peshwari girl was forced to wear suicide vest. An Indonesian woman was put to death by decapitation in Saudi Arabia this week.  Her daughter plans to press charges, while Indonesia wonders whether or not its citizens are so well protected abroad. Meanwhile, another maid is murdered in Saudi Arabia. May Allah give them peace and justice. Kenyan Islamic groups clash over appointment of female qadis. You can't wear hijab as a soccer referee in Quebec: another … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 17, 2011

An interview with Maryam Kershevarz about the film she directed, Circumstance, a fictional story about a relationship between two high school girls in Tehran.Farzaneh Milani reflects on driving bans and activism in Saudi Arabia. More on that here and here.A new film called Tales of the Waria looks at transgendered women in Indonesia.Lebanon's government has a new all-male cabinet, which is totally okay with at least one MP, because "we welcome their opinions, my house is full of … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 10, 2011

In case you didn't hear, FIFA barred Iran's women's soccer team from the field over their headgear. Plenty has been written about why it happened, and the subject may be reopened for discussion. Maybe they can wear this?Some cool research focuses on Muslim women who lived through the Khmer Rouge.Lamia Shakkour, Syria's ambassador to France, may or may not have resigned. We're not sure, because the woman who resigned may be an impersonator.Controversy in the southern U.S. as a … [Read more...]

Friday Links | June 3, 2011

Activists have demanded the authorities in Egypt prosecute anyone responsible for subjecting protesters to alleged virginity tests earlier this year.Al Jazeera interviews Lamees Dhaif about her career and censorship of journalists.On Mauritania's young women who voluntarily resort to dangerous methods to gain weight.On the "colony of wives" left behind in Canada.A judge has given a Kenyan high school the last chance to respond to a suit by a Muslim student who is seeking court … [Read more...]

Friday Links | May 27, 2011

Arab women's participation in political resistance isn't a new thing, mkay?Britain’s first female Muslim Lord Mayor has taken up the historic post in the city of Bradford. More here.  Middle East Online looks at other kick-ass British Muslim woman creating positive changes in their communities.Shaista Aziz asks whether "halal" speed-dating can work.Arab News reports on Manal al-Sharif's imprisonment. More from Al Jazeera.Free Detroit Press examines the tragic death of Jessica Mo … [Read more...]