Re-Engaging with the Other “Liberation Theology”

Complete with your standard extreme close-up of a hijab-clad woman confusingly looking at the voyeuristic lens before her, the Guardian’s “Comment is Free” section recently featured a piece by writer Nadiya Takolia, entitled: “The Hijab has Liberated Me From Society's Expectations of Women.”Probably like many readers of this blog, my initial reaction consisted something of a suppressed cough-caught-in-a-groan. … [Read more...]

From Bikinis to Hijabs: Using Psychology to Your Advantage

My eyebrows raised when I read this article on IslamOnline. The article, entitled Study: Men Objectify Scantily Clad Women, used a current study conducted by well-known Princeton psychologist, Dr. Susan Fiske, to promote modest clothing.I am familiar with Dr. Fiske's work, and I couldn't help but question whether IslamOnline was misrepresenting the study in an effort to promote the necessity of hijab. As someone doing her Ph.D. in social psychology, I am familiar with how the results of social … [Read more...]

First Thoughts on SAL.AM Magazine

SAL.AM magazine is "a freely distributed, quarterly lifestyle magazine, targeted at Muslims", according to the magazine's website. The original idea was to have a paper magazine, which is why there's a mock-up featured on the site.I am not comfortable with this woman's body on the front of the magazine, with her head cut off. If a non-Muslim magazine does this to a woman's body, it's sexist objectification. If a Muslim magazine does it, it's halal? No, ma'am!Since I first visited, SAL.AM … [Read more...]