Sex and the City 2: Orientalist Boogaloo

SEX AND THE CITY 2: ORIENTALIST BOOGALOOSara, Yusra, Safiyyah, and Fatemeh are here for your MMW SATC2 breakdown! We’re here for a frank discussion about the movie—so take note that there may be some serious spoilers after the jump.Ladies, start your engines! … [Read more...]

Desert Romance: Exoticization and Interfaith Marriage

"I got married secretly in a mosque," says Elisabeth Elhazza. Her words are the title of an article in Tara, a Swedish women's magazine, which gives an account of Elisabeth’s marriage to "seven years younger Khairi Elhazza from Libya," how he proposed, and how "Elisabeth said yes without hesitation and stepped into what was, for her, an unfamiliar and strange culture." The image of Elisabeth and Khairi in Tara magazine. "‘Now I am one hundred percent Libyan,’ she says."The delicate phrasing of … [Read more...]

Cómo Orientalista: Telemundo’s El Clon, Part II

Yesterday, we introduced you to Telemundo’s El Clon, its premise, and two of its prominent female characters. Today, we’ll look at two more female characters, some of their male counterparts, and examine how the telenovela uses the Qur’an.Zoraida is the maid in Uncle Ali's house. She is responsible for protecting Latiffa and Jade, and in doing so she is consequently assigned the task of guarding Uncle Ali's honor. When Jade is suspected of losing her virginity, Ali severely reprimands Zoraida, … [Read more...]

Cómo Orientalista: Telemundo’s El Clon, Part I

Spanish soap operas (telenovelas) are just like any other serial dramas, with all the conventional characteristics: star -crossed lovers, dramatic music, a flair for the outrageous and a seemingly never-ending plot.This is exactly what can be expected from Telemundo's telenovela, El Clon (The Clone). A remake of a Brazilian soap opera that aired in 2001 and 2002 titled O Clone, this Spanish-language telenovela is targeted at the U.S.'s Spanish speaking market. However, what is unexpected is … [Read more...]

To read is to travel: The rise of the Muslim woman’s memoir

This was written by Tasnim, and originally published at AltMuslimah.The post-9 /11 period has seen a proliferation of texts on the Muslim world which fall under the genre of the travel narrative. In recent years this has included a wave of personal accounts by journalists reporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as The Bookseller of Kabul, by Norwegian journalist Åsne Seierstad, or Rory Stewart’s The Places in Between, an account of his experiences in Afghanistan, which was followed by … [Read more...]

WTF picture of the week.

I saw this on Bitch magazine's blog. Kjerstin Johnson posted a great takedown of Dina Goldstein's "Fallen Princesses" series for JP Magazine, which basically uses Disney princesses and puts them in "modern day scenarios." … [Read more...]

Let the Funky Arabs Turn you On!

Sexy Girls. Arab Beauty that'll rock your world. Sea, sex and sun. Let the funky Arabs turn you on! The new "Funky Arabs" single by Jad Choueiri, the Lebanese singer known for crooning love ballads, has had over 150,000 views on YouTube in one month.Choueiri spends four and a half minutes singing about how Arabs are not the evil figures typically portrayed in Western media. "We're not what you see on CNN and the BBC. […] Ain't no bombers, we've got the guts," starts off the track. So far, so … [Read more...]