Women’s Voices Now: I Accept I Accept I Accept

Today's film "captures the true essence of the protagonist’s feelings getting into an arrange marriage." It was submitted by Sanaa Iftikar in Pakistan.What do you think, readers?You can watch the rest of the submissions at the Women's Voices Now website. … [Read more...]

Looking at the Mother of a Nation: Fatima Jinnah

When discussing prominent Pakistani women, references are usually made to former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, human rights activists Asma Jahangir and Hina Jilani, or even entertainers like Zeba Bakhtiar and Nazia Hassan.  Pakistani women like Mukhtaran Mai or Asia Bibi have also rightly garnered media attention for different reasons.Fatima Jinnah, sister and confidante of the founder of modern day Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah (M.A. Jinnah), is not as often referenced by western media.  S … [Read more...]

Ufone Commercials: the Positives and Negatives

While wasting time on YouTube, I recently came across a series of Pakistani commercials for the phone service Ufone. I tend to roll my eyes at the attempts of companies to get people’s money, but with Pakistani commercials it’s different.  Watching Pakistani commercials remind me of the winter evenings I’ve spent in Pakistan, cuddled under the warm comforter with my aunts and cousins watching Pakistani or Indian dramas interspersed with wholesome, lively Pakistani commercials.As I watched one c … [Read more...]