#NoAllMalePanels: Call for Action

A Call for Action from #MuslimMaleAllies to Pledge to End #AllMalePanels at Muslim Events - A Grassroots Collaborative InitiativeThis post is co-authored by Shehnaz Haqqani, Sabina Khan-Ibarra and Zahra Khan. Because of the trend of all-male panels at Muslim events - as recently publicized through Twitter conversations with the hashtags #AddFemaleSpeakers and #NextTimeRememberHer, Muslim women and their allies have initiated a drive to challenge this patriarchal norm and demand the inc … [Read more...]

“Their Patriarchy” is Worse

A few years ago I wrote a piece on the media coverage of domestic violence issues in Spain and Latin America, and how Islam and the “other’s” culture are depicted as “worse.” The issue continues to be relevant today. A recent article in Reforma, a Mexican newspaper, reports on the incidence of “international romances” between Mexican women and Middle Eastern men. The story results from concerns arising from the Ministry of International Relations (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores), which has m … [Read more...]

The Cracking Façade of Tradition and Patriarchy

This post was written by guest contributor Yasmin N. Ali.I was seventeen years old when I first encountered, in full force, the hierarchies that are often built into many Muslim communities.  Back then, I was fighting to make my debate team coed so I’d get one more year of experience before I graduated high school.  I went to an Islamic school, and mixing with the opposite gender was frowned upon.  Eventually, I succeeded in making my team coed while also acquiring a distaste for things done … [Read more...]

Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story: Gender, Politics and the Nation

At first glance, the film “Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story” seems to provide another viewpoint about women. However, its underlined notions of politics, patriarchy, gender and the nation are what make this film stand out.Placed in Egypt, the film tells primarily the story of Hebba, a “modern” and “liberated” TV show hostess who has a very successful career. Her popular show deals with a number of political issues, ranging from corruption to religious extremism. Karim, Hebba’s husband, is a very … [Read more...]

Control and Sexuality: The Revival of Zina Laws in Muslim Contexts

The Violence is Not Our Culture (VNC) Campaign and the Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) network recently launched a new publication on zina (illicit sex) laws and their tentative (re)introduction in some predominantly Muslim nations.  “Control and Sexuality – The Revival of Zina Laws in Muslim Contexts,” is an attempt by civil society organizations across various countries to address the historical and present-day cultural, legal and political motives that have led to the reemergence of the … [Read more...]

Visiting the Hijab…Again

This was written by Farah Banihali and originally published at Nuseiba.Last month a forum was held at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas focusing on Islam and feminism. Called “Beyond the Veil: Islam and Feminism”, it involved Dr. Gary Bouma, a sociology academic at Monash University; Zainah Anwar, founder of Malaysian group Sisters in Islam (SIS) and a founding director of Musawah; and Dr. Shakira Hussein, an academic at ANU.So with big expectations about the forum and the issues that would (po … [Read more...]