The Sad Stories of Muslim Women in Pictures

Aid, a body builder, and his mother by Denis Dailleux - via World Press Photo.

My dad has been an avid photographer since I can remember. As a kid I was constantly photographed with a traditional analog camera and black and white film. As a teenager, it was my dad’s passion that led me to learn professional photography through vocational education. Photographs, my dad used to tell me, are a “window” into someone else’s life. This “window” is not necessarily how they see themselves, but how the world around them perceives them.It was not long before I started collecting … [Read more...]

Muslim Women In The Eye of the Camera


In a short interview in The New Yorker this past September, American photographer Lynsey Addario, who has covered the Middle East and South Asia for over a decade, talks about her experience photographing Muslim women:“The more I photographed Muslim women, the more I was able to metaphorically strip away the burqas and hijabs, and start chipping away at the profound misconceptions that existed in other parts of the world about these women and their culture.” The language used here has bec … [Read more...]

Apparently women aren’t part of the “big picture”

The photo blog of, called "The Big Picture," features some fantastic photos. Each post, around a some theme, compiles stunning photography from around the world.The photos in last week's post "Scenes from Indonesia" were no less stunning than usual. I was especially taken by the use of an elephant as a frame in the first photo.Less amazing, however, was the scarcity of women in the photos.The first photo featuring a woman is No. 28. That's pretty far down on the list, … [Read more...]