How Do Muslim Girls Fare in U.S. Kids’ Programming?

My toddler cousins, like all children their age, were born into a world of rattles, Legos, diapers, and TV. Now more than ever, kids programming is a dominant and formative force in young children’s lives. The average preschooler spend 32 hours a week latched onto the TV screen, and by high school graduation has clocked more hours watching TV than at school. Studies have already shown us that the way kids’ TV treats race and gender affects how kids see their identities, and that kids need to see … [Read more...]

WTF picture of the week.

I saw this on Bitch magazine's blog. Kjerstin Johnson posted a great takedown of Dina Goldstein's "Fallen Princesses" series for JP Magazine, which basically uses Disney princesses and puts them in "modern day scenarios." … [Read more...]