Rachida Dati’s Rise and Fall

French politician Rachida Dati has been in and out of the headlines since taking office as France's Minister of Justice.  MMW recently covered the hype around Dati's pregnancy and her decision to return to work only five days after having a caesarian section.  Now, Dati is back in the news as we hear that she is being forced to resign from her cabinet position, and to run for a seat in the European Parliament instead.I'll get to that in a minute, but let's back up first and look at Dati's b … [Read more...]

Debating the morality of Rachida Dati

Ms. Rachida Dati, France’s first female Muslim minister, has been criticized for returning to work only five days after giving birth to a baby girl. The media seems to favor the public view that Dati’s decision is a reckless political stunt that makes light of the responsibility of mothers everywhere. Dati, half-Algerian and half-Moroccan, is the second of 12 children. She’s been the center of media attention, primarily because she’s style-conscious, attractive and single, ever since France’s Pre … [Read more...]