3ayza Atgawez: A “Spinster Crisis” Comedy

One of the most anticipated Ramadan series this year was 3ayza Atgawez, (“I Want to Get Married”), based on a blog-turned-bestselling-book by Ghada Abdel Aal.The series stars Hend Sabry as Ola, an Egyptian pharmacist under pressure to marry having reached the age of thirty and facing the social stigma of spinsterhood. Each episode focuses on a prospective husband and the series of unfortunate events that occur before Ola gives up the suitor as a lost cause, with Ola as a kind of "ev … [Read more...]

More female Saudi TV stars this Ramadan

This originally appeared in the Saudi Gazette.Saudi TV dramas are undergoing a revolution with more Saudi actresses than ever before appearing in television serials this Ramadan. While Saudi actresses were once marginalized and relegated to minor roles in Arab TV dramas, they are now appearing in major roles and receiving star billing, Al-Riyadh Arabic daily reported on Sunday.Among those who have recently become famous are: Reem Al-Abdullah, Aghadeer Al-Saeed, Hind Muhammad and Qamar … [Read more...]