Ramadan Mubarak!

I saw this shirt last week in downtown Vancouver.  Not sure if the timing was intentional, but I can think of a few (or a billion) people who just might need a shirt like this right about now...

It's that time of year again!As in previous years (see 2013 and 2012), we'll be taking a break from the usual media analysis that you see at MMW, and instead we'll be sharing more personal experiences and reflections on Ramadan from the various perspectives represented among MMW writers, as well as some guest contributors.  We look forward to sharing the posts and to hearing from our readers about what Ramadan is like for you.  As the month goes on, links to the Ramadan posts will be a … [Read more...]

On Insulting Islam: Maznah Yusof, Dog Trainer


In Ramadan this year, a video made by Maznah Yusof, a 38 year-old Muslim woman dog trainer, caused controversy in Malaysia. Three years ago, she had created and uploaded a video of her and her dogs in celebration of Eid ul-Fitr. The video shows her walking her dogs on a street as the takbir (chanting on the eve of Eid ul-Fitr) is heard in the background.At the end of the video, Maznah explains that her message was meant to show that Eid should be celebrated regardless of species (animal or … [Read more...]

Ramadan Recap 2013

Eid Mubarak!  I hope that all of our readers celebrating had a wonderful holiday.MMW's Ramadan series this year featured 23 posts, written by MMW writers and guest contributors writing from 12 different countries, on issues of food, community, family, solitude, epiphanies, and struggles.  Click here to go back through any of the posts you may have missed.Of course, we weren't the only ones writing about our Ramadan experiences.  Here are a few other posts that captured our attention over … [Read more...]

The Fullness of Solitude

Table Mountain.  Image via Noorgraphy 2013.

This post was written by guest contributor @leftyspeaks.Many of us wish for a new beginning, a clean slate, an opportunity to leave everything behind and start afresh.  A few short weeks ago, I left my home on the southern tip of Africa, to spread my wings across the Atlantic, in search of knowledge.  I left behind all that was dear to me – the beautiful sunrises, the extravagant Table Mountain, my family and friends, and my African coffee – to plant roots in the “high rise” habitat that … [Read more...]

Sujood in the Kitchen, Tears in the Mosque

My daughter Eryn stealing nuts during prayer.

Help I'm alive...We're late. My favourite popular imam has already begun leading the second rakat for Qiyam ul-layl, the night prayers. We dash from the car and run across the street, our feet soon gliding upon smooth marble floors at the largest mosque in Kuwait.My sister-in-law leads the way. One hand holds a chair for our pregnant cousin and the other clutches her black abaya as she power-walks ahead. A corner is turned and the scent of cardamom laced coffee brings a smile to my fa … [Read more...]

The Never-Ending Ramadan

[Image source].

Ramadan is one month long, but one month is not long enough for me to convince myself that I am not responsible for my mother’s illness. On the second fast I keep, she goes to the hospital. My hands tremble during Isha that night. I remind myself that Ramadan is also about recovery.But we do not recover. We let the sickness sink in, and then we live in it – with a positive outlook because that is my gracious, optimistic, ever wonderful mother. We live in it with weekly blood tests and pat … [Read more...]

On Loving God and Dreading Ramadan

I started fasting when I was 13 years old. My first Ramadan I was so excited and so proud of myself for being able to do so. I would go to school (where I may have been the only Muslim), even go to gym class, all while fasting. Year after year, I fasted religiously (pun intended), making sure never to miss any days (except those from which I was exempt). Growing up Ramadan was always an important part of life for me and my family. Getting up in the morning for seheri (suhoor) with everyone, my … [Read more...]