MMW Roundtable: Responding to Randa Jarrar’s “Why I Can’t Stand White Bellydancers”

Last week, Salon published Randa Jarrar’s “Why I Can’t Stand White Bellydancers” as part of their “feminists of color” series curated by Roxane Gay. The response to her post has been overwhelming, including responses from dudes at the Washington Post and The Atlantic to G. Willow Wilson’s response at her blog. We’ve been exchanging emails back and forth here ourselves at MMW. The following is our edited take on events: Fatemeh: Have you seen Randa Jarrar’s “Why I Can’t … [Read more...]

Cultural Cartography: Randa Jarrar’s A Map of Home

A Map of Home by Randa Jarrar is a book that does not fall into a category easily. A Map of Home provides the vivid portrait of a girl, who is Muslim, who is Palestinian and Egyptian and Greek and from Kuwait and born in America, who fulfills her parents’ expectations and dashes them fiercely. Randa Jarrar’s first novel is the story of Nidali, told in first person, through her childhood and adolescence. From the beginning of the novel, with the tale of the protagonist’s birth, A Map of … [Read more...]