Talked into Complacency: A Muslim Woman Responds to Trudeau’s Message at RIS

“Let me begin with a story. A story from your history. One that I hope will stay in your minds as you think about our common future.”These are words taken from a speech recently delivered by Justin Trudeau, a well-known Canadian politician, to the thousands of Muslims in attendance at the most recent Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention. I was not in attendance at the conference, but after reading Trudeau’s speech, which he published on the Huffington Post, I was enraged by his audacity in … [Read more...]

Reviving the Spirit Without Recognizing Half The Audience?

Editor’s Note: As previous RIS-themed posts have noted (see our post from 2008, two posts from 2009, and two posts from the 2011 Convention), the lack of women scholars is a persistent problem at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit events.  Here, Sumaya, a guest contributor to MMW, outlines some of the reasons that this is problematic, and proposes possible speakers for future conferences.So it’s been a couple weeks since the end of the 10th annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit conf … [Read more...]

RIS Knowledge Retreat, Gender, and Feminism

Yesterday, we posted Sharrae’s analysis of gender issues at the 2011 Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention.  Although I wasn’t able to attend the Convention, I did make it to the Knowledge Retreat, a six-day series of classes with several of the RIS scholars.  There is much to say about the Retreat, but one moment in particular deserved attention.  (Please read through the whole post, as the ending of this is the most important.)On December 29, Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson spoke about gender … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Inclusion of Sisters at RIS: Part Two

See Part One here.Oh it did NOT just go there...My blood began to rise during the lecture of Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson within the session, "Changing the Present, Dreaming the Future." Mid-way during his lecture, Dr. Jackson beseeched us sisters to "calm down for the next 30 seconds." He then asked the audience what was common between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton and other politicians whose careers were compromised due to their extramarital relations. Dr. Jackson then proceeded to e … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Inclusion of Sisters at RIS: Part One

Editor’s note: I would like to welcome Sharrae, MMW’s newest contributor!  Sharrae starts us off with a two-part post on the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference held in Toronto ever December.  MMW has covered previous RIS conferences in 2008 and 2009 (part one and part two).  Check back tomorrow for even more RIS-related coverage.For those who attend, Reviving the Islamic Spirit is treated almost like a second Ramadan. Ramadan is when the iman boost is sought after, and the yearly RIS … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Islamic Spirit: Women at the 2009 RIS Convention: Part I

This is part one of a two-part series reviewing the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention. Stay tuned tomorrow for part two!This year’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention was held in Toronto from December 25-27, 2009.  Those of you who have been reading MMW for a while might remember my reflections on it last year (in which I praised the conference, but lamented the very small number of female speakers), and my reflections on the joint RIS-ISNA Canada conference that happened last su … [Read more...]

Material Girls: Talking about Gender and Consumerism at ISNA

I spent this past weekend at a conference near Toronto, co-hosted by ISNA Canada (the Islamic Society of North America) and Reviving the Islamic Spirit.  The theme of the convention was "Serving God, Serving Humanity: Moral Basis of Effective Social Action."  Overall, I have to say it was probably the best Islamic conference I've ever been to, and a very powerful (and much needed) pre-Ramadan spiritual boost, alhamdulillah.As much as I loved the convention, my biggest complaint, not s … [Read more...]