Sports Hijab Industry Wins – Or Does It?

Women’s athletic wear has become a billion dollar business. Designers and sportswear companies such as Adidas and Under Armour have designers catering to the needs and fashion preferences of women, from working out in style to walking about in comfortable prêt-à-porter items.But recently a new category of sportswear has unveiled itself and is racing up into the mainstream sportswear industry: sports hijabs. Active muslimahs have definitely made an impact and businesses are listening.When … [Read more...]

Hijab in Sport and Unhelpful Media Biases

This post was written by guest contributor Shireen Ahmed (@_shireenahmed_).One of the most exciting aspects of the Olympic Summer Games 2012 was that every participating nation sent in women athletes as part of their delegations. Media faithfully reported on the successes and stories of “hijab-clad” women participating in the London Games, the most prestigious sporting event the world of athletics has to offer.Women who cover having a choice to participate in sport and represent their cou … [Read more...]