“Lost” Girls Are Not Sex Objects – Whatever Their Race

A group of nine men of Pakistani and Afghan origin were sentenced to jail recently for using alcohol and drugs to “groom” white British girls for sex.  The abuse took place in the town of Rochdale, near Manchester in northwest England.  The men, aged 24 to 38, were employed as taxi drivers, and included a religious studies teacher and a takeaway worker who were indicted for assaulting victims as young as 13 years of age.  Since then, another two people have been arrested in connection with another child grooming case in Rochdale.  The ethnic background of the latter two is not clear.

The arrest of the group has heightened racial sensitivities, with several British Muslim communities receiving an increase in hate mail and abusive phone calls, further stoked by statements from far right organizations like the British National Party and the English Defence League. [Read more...]