MUSLIM WOMEN ENJOY SEX (and Other Non-Breaking News Stories)


Mainstream media often incites rebuttals from Muslim women defending themselves against vapid stereotypes and negative portrayals. Ostensibly, these include “We are not oppressed,” ”We play sports,” “We are educated and have choices,” “We have agency and support those who do not,” and so on and so forth.  Muslim women writing about inspiring feats of Muslim women are exposed to veil puns to highlight our achievements. Anything accomplished is “beyond the veil,” “from behind the burqa” and numerou … [Read more...]

Jasad: Sex, Fetishes, and the Erotic in a new Arabic Glossy

Sex.Always an attention getter.So there's no wonder why Jasad, or "Body," a new quarterly Arabic magazine published in Lebanon, is making waves in the Arab world by promising to "deal with the forbidden," the *gasp* human body. The magazine's logo is 'body' spelled in Arabic and the first letter is a broken handcuff, alluding to the taboos the magazine breaks. An article in the Guardian reports: Officials of Hizbullah, the powerful Lebanese Shia movement, tried to close Jasad's stand at … [Read more...]

Book review: The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie – Intimacy and Design by Malu Halasa and Rana Salam

This was written by Cycads and originally published at her blog.Syria’s unlikely notoriety for racy underwear collides head on with the stereotyped image of the veiled and prudish Muslim woman. In a way, ‘The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie‘ (2008, Chronicle Books) had come at an opportune time to dispel these fossilised images, but at the same time will feed to a ‘Western’ obsession with what lies under the veil.Some of the raciest, most imaginative articles of ladies undergarments can be … [Read more...]