Erotica by Muslim Women for Muslim Women

When I attempted entering “Islamic erotica” in a search engine, I was not sure what to expect. A few weeks before doing that, I had stumbled upon the genre while reading Afrocentric Muslimah's blog post on the need for Muslim women to embrace their sexuality. Curious to know more about Islamic erotica, I decided to search for more on the topic. I have since discovered that there are various works of art and/or books grouped under the Islamic (or Muslim) erotica tag. This range from the class … [Read more...]

MUSLIM WOMEN ENJOY SEX (and Other Non-Breaking News Stories)

Mainstream media often incites rebuttals from Muslim women defending themselves against vapid stereotypes and negative portrayals. Ostensibly, these include “We are not oppressed,” ”We play sports,” “We are educated and have choices,” “We have agency and support those who do not,” and so on and so forth.  Muslim women writing about inspiring feats of Muslim women are exposed to veil puns to highlight our achievements. Anything accomplished is “beyond the veil,” “from behind the burqa” and numerou … [Read more...]

Finding my Essence: An Unconventional Ramadan

Bismillah.Originally intended to be posted in the start of Ramadan, this post has taken an unusually long time. The first draft was cathartic, yet it took longer to go into depth and dig deeper.  I am left in a position where I unapologetically want to share my truth – a truth that may, with Allah’s will, resonate with another person in Islam or in humanity, and help them feel okay good about the spiritual state where they finds themselves.My choice to write a personal piece comes from th … [Read more...]

Der Spiegel Highlights the Poor, Slutty Muslim Girls of Europe

Apparently, and without my own knowledge, I, as the generic Muslim female, have been gettin' the haraam on in public washrooms. Der Spiegel recently published a two-part piece looking at the secret sex lives of young European Muslim women.  The article surveys the "shame" that leading sexual lives can bring upon young Muslim women, from varying backgrounds, as well as the danger and general deceit: Young Muslim women are often forced to lead double lives in Europe. They have sex in public … [Read more...]

Control and Sexuality: The Revival of Zina Laws in Muslim Contexts

The Violence is Not Our Culture (VNC) Campaign and the Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) network recently launched a new publication on zina (illicit sex) laws and their tentative (re)introduction in some predominantly Muslim nations.  “Control and Sexuality – The Revival of Zina Laws in Muslim Contexts,” is an attempt by civil society organizations across various countries to address the historical and present-day cultural, legal and political motives that have led to the reemergence of the … [Read more...]

The “Tyranny of Sex” in the Saudi Novel

This story was written by M. Lynx Qualey and originally appeared at Arabic Literature (in English).Al Jazeera reports that the cultural pages of Gulf newspapers are brimming with talk about sex. Or, rather, they’re brimming with talk about talk about sex.This is because sex has been a growing phenomenon in Saudi literature. Earlier this year, noted Kuwaiti novelist Laila al-Othman decried the increase in sexual content in Saudi women’s lit. Al-Othman, whose Wasmiya Comes Out of the Sea w … [Read more...]

A Look at Women in Ali Eteraz’s Children of Dust: Part II

Part I of this review ran last week. You can read it here.Why do Muslim women merely serve a sexual purpose and a way to “feel power over another human being” in Eteraz’s relationships in Children of Dust?  The answer to this question ultimately lies within the convoluted cultural-religious matrix Eteraz finds himself in as he attempts to form relationships with women.  At a young age, he learns a cultural understanding of relationships with women when his mother admonishes him for “playing” w … [Read more...]