Finding Common Ground in Gender Equality and Democracy: Shirin Ebadi and Nadia Al-Sakkaf Speak in Mexico

Last July, Mexico had elections. Six years ago, the Mexican conservative government was accused  of electoral fraud to maintain power, while this year the party that ruled Mexico for over 70 years through undemocratic elections has returned to power. Very much like the “democratic” regimes in the Middle East, Mexico has never really known democracy. Whether it is the American government “preferring” certain candidates, irregularities in elections, or the plain and simple effects of poverty and ec … [Read more...]

Online Activism: Can it Work?

MMW thanks Ali Eteraz for The Huffington Post tip.Last week, Peter Daou at The Huffington Post wrote about the use of the internet's growing and powerful use as an activist medium. He stated that "[o]ne universal aspect of effective activism is raising awareness and there's no doubt that the web is an ideal tool to do that..." He continued to say that the rise of the internet as a tool of activism is "transformative, not just because it is a web-driven enhancement of traditional political and … [Read more...]