Muslim Women and Freedom of Choice: Syrian Television vs. Cinema

“Can a Syrian woman run for the post of the President of Syria? Yes she can.”This interrogative statement and answer captured my attention as I was watching The Light in Her Eyes, a film that premiered at the 8th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival this December. The film, which documents the story of Houda Al-Habash, a Syrian female teacher of Islamic subjects at a girls’ school, made me ask a lot of questions, the most important of which was: why do not we see such Muslim women … [Read more...]

Is “Men Wanted” What Real Arab Women Need?

After 90 episodes, 'Men Wanted', the Syrian Arabic soap opera, has concluded its season for this year on Saudi-owned television channel MBC 4.For those who do not know 'Men Wanted,' the Venezuelan-style soap opera is adapted to an Arab environment, with its actions taking place in Dubai. 'Men Wanted' tells the story of Hala, an Egyptian lady married to Khaled, a successful businessman, with a son and a daughter. Hala owns a beauty salon, in which a number of ladies from different … [Read more...]