Friday Links

AustraliaMonique Toohey, a Muslim psychologist, met with Australian Labor MPs on Wednesday to discuss the need to change Australia’s tone on the discussion about violent extremism and Muslims. Toohey, who has experienced online bullying for her activism, is calling for the government to consult with Muslim communities in order to develop well-rounded de-radicalization programs.CanadaIn Canada, Zarqa Nawaz, creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie and Me and the Mosque, was quoted c … [Read more...]

“Their Patriarchy” is Worse

A few years ago I wrote a piece on the media coverage of domestic violence issues in Spain and Latin America, and how Islam and the “other’s” culture are depicted as “worse.” The issue continues to be relevant today. A recent article in Reforma, a Mexican newspaper, reports on the incidence of “international romances” between Mexican women and Middle Eastern men. The story results from concerns arising from the Ministry of International Relations (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores), which has m … [Read more...]

Fatima Hamed Hossain: Politician or Jihadist?

A few weeks ago, I attended the Critical Muslim Studies summer school in Granada, Spain. One of the speakers, Fatima Hamed Hossain, a lawyer, spoke to us about the social and political participation of Muslim women in Spain.There are about one million Muslims who currently reside in Spain, with an estimated number of about 50,000 converts, and the rest being mostly of Moroccan, Syrian, Lebanese and South Asian origins. Immigration and growing rates of conversion of Spaniards from the late … [Read more...]

An Artful Collaboration: Plataforma de Mujeres Artistas & Unión de Mujeres Musulmanas

Contrary to the common assumption that only Muslim women are victims of gender violence, some organizations acknowledge the fact that gender violence is not restricted to one religion, ethnicity or nationality.According to El País, gender violence is very prominent in Spain. This resulted in the approval of the Law against Gender Violence on 2004. The law provides protection and support for victims of gender violence, which include support at work for victims, creation of support networks, … [Read more...]

Islamic Feminism Around the World

As an academic, I must admit I enjoy conferences. Alright, not all conferences nor everything about them, but I do enjoy the prospect of learning new things, expanding my mind, and meeting new people. Last week saw two conferences on and for Muslim women. One was held in Barcelona, Spain, and the other in New Delhi, India, and both with very different agendas and attendees.Unfortunately the MMW team weren't able to attended neither, but we thought we would highlight them and their coverage … [Read more...]