Muslim Women in Spain and Latin America as Imports of a “Worse” Patriarchy

In the past few days, the Spanish media has been reporting on the case of a Moroccan woman in Spain who was bitten by her husband for refusing to wear hijab. The case of the unnamed woman has surprisingly made it to the media, where the other 36% of the domestic violence cases involving immigrants are never reported.The partner, who has been detained, taken into custody, and condemned to two years in prison has been reported to be somehow shameless in his attack in not denying the … [Read more...]

Chadia’s Case: Between the Niqab and Appropriate Femininity

On July 10, El País reported on the case of Chadia (a pseudonym to protect her identity), a 15-year-old girl, born and living in Spain. According to El País, she is the one of the very few women and the only minor in Melilla who wears the niqab.Chadia’s story is unique.  She has decided to withdraw from school because of the ban on garments that cover the face, such as niqab, from public schools. The article is accompanied by a picture of a fully covered Chadia and an image of a “tra … [Read more...]

The Islamic Commission of Spain’s Sausage-fest Situation

Once again, everybody is entitled to speak on behalf of Muslim women except themselves. A few days ago, El Mundo reported that this year’s Comisión Islámica de España (Islamic Commission of Spain) did not include any women in their board.The Commission plays an important role in lobbying with the Spanish government in anything regarding the country’s Muslim population. Therefore, they are a unique organization that has access to the sphere of power and is in charge of negotiating with it. Nonet … [Read more...]

An Artful Collaboration: Plataforma de Mujeres Artistas & Unión de Mujeres Musulmanas

Contrary to the common assumption that only Muslim women are victims of gender violence, some organizations acknowledge the fact that gender violence is not restricted to one religion, ethnicity or nationality.According to El País, gender violence is very prominent in Spain. This resulted in the approval of the Law against Gender Violence on 2004. The law provides protection and support for victims of gender violence, which include support at work for victims, creation of support networks, … [Read more...]