Funny or Far-Fetched? Ghada Abdel Aal’s I Want to Get Married

It reads as if the pages were lifted right from the script of Mad Men. Dozens of eager women primping and pinning every loose strand of hair into place, applying the last touch of lipstick, giving each other catty glares and then waiting, like sitting ducks, to be called upon by the handsome leading male character.Only this isn’t 1960s New York City, where the ability to lure males to bed means notoriety and these aren’t a couple of secretaries working in an ad agency. This is modern-day Egy … [Read more...]

Egyptian Spinsters and Old Maids Sitting Happily on the Shelf

I am a 21-year-old spinster.Yes, a spinster at 21. In my country, although many many Egyptian women are delaying getting married until they're in their mid-to-late twenties, society still looks at them with a critical, disapproving gaze. "Men and women were made for one another. You are a sinister spinster.""Better a man's shadow than that of a wall." Both are Arabic proverbs reiterated by mothers, aunties, grandmothers and even friends, the former meaning that women who don't marry are … [Read more...]