Stripped of History: Palestinian Women’s Resistance

This post was written by guest contributor Rana Nazzal (@zaytouni_rana).I attended a talk last month by Palestinian woman and activist Yafa Jarrar as part of Israeli Apartheid Week at Carleton University. She spoke on a panel entitled “Indigenous and Palestinian women,” which addressed the struggles Aboriginal women in Canada and Palestinian women faced living under apartheid policies. Later, we sat down and discussed the topic of her lecture: Western feminism’s interest in Palestinian women … [Read more...]

Bombs, Liberty, and the Muslimah Body

Yet another cartoon controversy has hit the Muslim world. This time it's not in the West, but rather in Iraq. In their September 14th issue, the weekly Iraqi magazine/newspaper, Al-Isbouiyah (or The Weekly), published a cartoon depicting a female suicide bomber holding a lit bomb fuse in her left hand, standing, left arm raised, like the American Statue of Liberty, with an altered drawing of the Statue of Liberty itself next to her. On the bomb held by the female suicide bomber is written … [Read more...]