When Invisibility is a Superpower: Farah Nazan in Heroes Reborn

This post was written by guest contributor Heba Elsherief (@iamsheba). “Full stories are as rare as honesty.” ― Zadie Smith, White TeethWhen, in a recent episode of NBC’s Heroes Reborn, a prayer mat appears atop an expansive and pristine Arctic landscape, my pulse quickened. A woman could be seen completing the prayer, Dhuhr or Asr if one considers the brightness of the day, and because the TV medium (indeed, like many narrative forms) encourages audiences to give into the “suspensio … [Read more...]

Muslim Female Superheroes

I spent much of my childhood and teenage years obsessed with anime and comics. Growing up in Mexico, I was part of a generation that saw the introduction of strong female characters in mainstream media, including anime, comics and TV shows. No more Candy Candy with her eternal emotional conflicts over boys, and no more Hello! Sandybell, who spent several season looking for her mother and meeting boys along the way. Similarly, the 90s and 2000s saw a greater focus towards female super heroes that … [Read more...]

Ms. Marvel Reviewed

Can a young American, Muslim woman who discovers her superpowers change the way Muslim women are perceived in the United States?My knowledge of comics is limited to what is presented in mainstream film incarnations—who among us hasn’t seen one of the many films that portray superheroes onscreen? Those cosmic tales where protagonists (predominantly male, of course) appeal to so many for the escape of life’s misfortunes—that ability to transcend the everyday drudgery through spectacular feats, … [Read more...]