An Update of Sorts on the Sura al-Shawk Case

Almost a year ago, for my very first MMW post, I wrote about Sura al-Shawk, a professional Swiss basketball player from Luzern who was forced to choose between wearing her headscarf and playing professional basketball due to the supposed “uniform” regulations of the local and national basketball associations, both affiliated with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation.Last March, after my original article was published, the regional courts in Luzern ruled that al-Shawk must go thro … [Read more...]

More Than Just a Game: The Right to Wear a Scarf and Play Sports

Yet another Muslim woman has been denied the right to play sports while wearing a headscarf.Last summer, a young Swiss Muslimah from Luzern, Surah al Shawk (pictured left), attracted the attention of the Northeastern Swtizerland Basketball Association, ProBasket, when she started playing in second division games in Luzern. Unfortunately, it wasn't her amazing skills on the court that grabbed their attention--it was her headscarf. Her veil had never caused any problems at the community level, … [Read more...]