“Do You Dream?” – A Police Campaign against Honour-Related Crimes

As the summer vacation begins in Sweden, so does a campaign against a broad variety of crimes that the police have been addressing under the category hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck - “honour-related violence and oppression.” In particular, the police have focused on forced marriage, which they believe to be a “seasonal” crime, as the risk of people being forced into marriage are greater during the summer with the long leave.As one article covering the campaign put it, summer vacation is “n … [Read more...]

Revelations As A Result Of Hidden Cameras in Sweden’s Mosques

The post was written by guest contributor Maheen Nusrat.In the latest episode of Swedish television channel SVT’s investigative news programme Uppdrag granskning, ten Swedish mosques were visited, and in six of them, imams were caught on camera giving advice harmful to women and contrary to Swedish law.  (An unofficial subtitled version of the episode, thanks to MMW writer Tasnim, is available here.) Using a hidden camera and recording equipment, two women, one posing as an abused wife and th … [Read more...]

Black Polyester: Nuance and Niqab?

"I wanted to own the article of clothing that was being talked about," Jonas Otterbeck says, explaining his reasons for buying a niqab. Otterbeck, who teaches Islamic Studies at Lund University in Sweden, spoke of his view on the niqab on the documentary Black Polyester, the sixth in a sixteen part series broadcast on SVT1 dealing with issues of power and politics.In the hour-long program, the presenter Lina Makboul addresses (but doesn't attempt to resolve) the question of whether the … [Read more...]

Between Satire and Stereotype: Gina Dirawi

Khadidje, Fadumah, Ruqaya, Fippan and Bettan are all characters created by blogger Gina Dirawi, a Palestinian Swede whose comic videos mocking racial and other stereotypes have become something of a sensation on the Swedish blogosphere. The following her blog has generated is large enough that she is currently blogging in affiliation with Swedish national television to encourage more young people to vote in September. Some of Gina's characters can be seen here, in an old 'Halal Hills' … [Read more...]

Mona Muslim: Marshaling Islamophobia in Sweden

Mona Sahlin, leader of the Swedish Social Democratic party (SAP), is known by many names among her opponents. Though Sahlin is not Muslim, one of the most common nicknames for her is “Mona Muslim.” This appellation might suggest a cartoon character, or perhaps a Sesame Street muppet, but behind it  lies a deepening anxiety about levels of immigration in Sweden, which has been profitably tapped into and exploited by right-wing political leaders.Sahlin's nickname goes back some time, with one of … [Read more...]

Made in Sweden: Halal-TV

Muslimah Media Watch thanks Shaista for the tip!A couple of days ago, a new TV show about Muslim women in Sweden, Halal-TV, aired its first episode on Sveriges Television (SVT), a Swedish television channel.As expected, the show, which features three young Muslim women as hosts, was stirring up debate before it even began. A Kurdish-Swedish author, Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, pointed out that 23-year-old host Cherin Awad had said, at age 18, that stoning a woman to death was an appropriate … [Read more...]