Swiss Miss: Temps Present’s Mixed Bag of Information

The Swiss political and media landscape is charged with loaded images of Muslim women.  The French side of Swiss media (namely, in newspapers like Le Temps) usually presents a balanced view of Muslim women, and television shows are of a decent quality, especially compared to television in the U.S.So I had no reason to be anything but excited for the December 16th episode of “Temps Present” on the TSR. But the show fell short, starting out with a reminder that we are a little over a year after t … [Read more...]

Boys are Experts, Girls are Brainwashed: the Case of Ferah

At the end of April, on the Swiss German-language television show Arena, one of the "rising stars" of the "Muslim scene" in Switzerland, convert Nicholas Abdullah Blancho, was present. With Blancho was an acolyte in his CCIS/IZRS (Conseil central islamique suisse/Islamisches Zentralrats Schweiz) organization, a certain young Swiss convert of Kurdish Alevi origin named Ferah U. While Mr. Blancho's presence made headlines in last week's Hebdo (where the title asked if he was the "Bin Laden of … [Read more...]