“The Light in Her Eyes” Sheds Some Light on the Women of Syria

We are bombarded with images from Syria every day — flashing across our television screens and updating in our Facebook newsfeeds. They are horrific pictures of the carnage left in the aftermath of massacres. It has been over a year now since the beginning of the Syrian uprising and there seems to be no relief from the continuing assaults on the Syrian people. At a time when we risk becoming desensitized to this ongoing horror, it is important to truly see the people in the images playing out in … [Read more...]

The Light in Her Eyes: An Eye-Opening Documentary

I stepped into a cozy loft, decorated minimally with Moroccan style tapestry and into an experience I won’t easily forget.The Light in Her Eyes, a documentary film following the story of  Houda al-Habash, the founder and teacher of an all girls’ Qur’an school in Damascus, Syria, sparked my interest about a year ago where, in a similar intimate gathering, I was first able to see the footage gathered.I must admit I was skeptical, even after meeting the charming directors, Julia Meltzer and Laur … [Read more...]

The Media’s Chickens Come Home to Roost with the Amina Hoax

This was written by B.Full disclosure: Last month I wrote a piece for MMW about the new 'blog heroine', Amina Abdullah. The thrust of my piece was my discomfort at her being promoted by the Western media as such a central figure in the Syrian uprising. However, the planned posting date coinciding with Amina's kidnapping and the story was spiked on grounds of taste.Of course, we now know that Amina was now an entirely fictional figure. Opprobrium has been heaped on the perpetrator of the … [Read more...]

Why Did Tom MacMaster Choose to be “A Gay Girl” Blogging from Damascus?

So the whole thing turned out to be a hoax.Throughout the last few weeks, I have been a regular reader of the blog “A Gay Girl in Damascus,” especially during the current unrest in Syria. As Sara wrote in her post, “A Gay Girl in Damascus Tells It Like It Is,” the presumed author of the blog, Amina Abdullah, “is being celebrated as the unlikely voice of Syrian revolution.” The blogger wrote about the daily frustrations she faced as a 35-year-old lesbian living in Damascus.But after reading … [Read more...]

A Gay Girl in Damascus Tells It Like It Is

Amina Abdullah is being celebrated as the unlikely voice of Syria’s revolution. She is a 35-year-old Syrian-American woman living in Damascus. On her blog, she writes candidly about her life as a lesbian in Syria. She garnered international attention after a post describing how her father was in an altercation with the state police.Abdullah’s blog is not only significant as an account of someone in the midst of Syria’s revolution.  It is also important because it is creating more opportunities … [Read more...]