Reclaiming Inclusion of Sisters at RIS: Part Two

See Part One here.Oh it did NOT just go there...My blood began to rise during the lecture of Dr. Abdal Hakim Jackson within the session, "Changing the Present, Dreaming the Future." Mid-way during his lecture, Dr. Jackson beseeched us sisters to "calm down for the next 30 seconds." He then asked the audience what was common between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton and other politicians whose careers were compromised due to their extramarital relations. Dr. Jackson then proceeded to e … [Read more...]

Tariq Ramadan Speaks to South African Women

Last weekend, my husband and I made the six hour drive to the coastal city of Durban, to attend a series of lectures and seminars by Professor Tariq Ramadan. In an earlier post, I reviewed Ramadan's latest book, Radical Reform. I certainly appreciate Ramadan's work, and feels he is one of the very few contemporary egalitarian Islamic scholars.One evening of the conference was dedicated especially to women's issues, as the rather simplistic poster advertisement points out. "To work or not to … [Read more...]

Radical Reform: Tariq Ramadan’s Latest Book

With much anticipation, I awaited the arrival of Tariq Ramadan’s new book, “Radical Reform”, in the mail. A few weeks ago, it finally got here. It is difficult to hide my obvious appreciation for the book, but I will attempt objectivity.Ramadan is known in the Muslim world, as a revolutionary, tolerant and forward-thinking scholar by some, and by others he is thought of as too liberal and “westernized”. In the non-Muslim world, Ramadan is also a well known figure, both as a reformist, and sur … [Read more...]