Mild Toxic Waste: Malaysian Women’s Television Programs

As I count the hours to the day I return to Malaysia, I'm compiling my notes and thoughts for a small research project on media images of women in the capital. But I've already started collecting preliminary data; my immense curiosity in the representation of Muslim Malay women in the current media took me as far as binging on toxic levels of Malaysian online television recently. So in a way, this post will serve as an introduction to an analysis of the popular trends affecting Muslim Malay … [Read more...]

The Stoning of Soraya M.

This was written by Pedestrian and originally appeared at her blog.When you come from a broken home, it’s tough to talk about your past – or present.How much do you let out? How much does the world need to know?I couldn’t help ponder the issue over and over as I was watching clips from The Stoning of Soraya M. on YouTube.At surface level, it sounds simple. Before we solve age old questions about the questions of religion and state, velayat-e faghih, the right of inheritance, etc, etc, w … [Read more...]

Halal TV: Before and After

These articles were written by Tasnim and was originally published at epiphanies. For another perspective on Halal TV, check out Ethar's analysis here.Critical Storm before the program begins--Halal TV:"Critical storm before the program begins” the headline reads, and that, it seems to me, is exactly what happens whenever a head-scarf wearing Muslim woman makes up her little hijabied head to step into the public sphere, the limelight, the media, and presume to take on a role that c … [Read more...]

The Struggle to Wear Hijab on Egyptian TV

Ghada El-Tawil (pictured below) is an Egyptian anchorwoman who just recently returned to television. Six years ago, she was pulled from television after she began wearing a headscarf. The BBC has published a new story about El-Tawil in which she discusses her legal battle, why she wears hijab, and the struggles for Egyptian hijabis in the media. El-Tawil is not the only woman in Egypt who was pulled off the air after deciding to wear hijab. Her story highlights issues of image in the media--even … [Read more...]

Shabana Azmi plays Devil’s advocate

At 13% of the population, Muslims are a significant demographic in India. However, relations between Muslims and other populations in India, most notably the Hindu population, have not always gone smoothly. Shabana Azmi is an Indian actor, social activist and ex-MP who spoken extensively on various issues impacting Indian Muslims. Some of her views have caused controversy. For instance, after September 11th, she criticized a religious leader who advocated that Indians join Afghans in their fight … [Read more...]

Drawn-Out: Stan of Arabia

So this is old. 2005 old. But I just saw it so I'm writing.I'm not the biggest fan of animated cartoon series like South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad. Mainly because I believe that there are so many underlying messages that you don't notice you're exposed to because they're packaged in this cutesy way that makes you let down your guard and get sucked in. They perpetuate ideologies and modes of thinking according to the whims of the scriptwriters—whether they be supremacist, … [Read more...]

Dispatches Undercover: Islamophobia meets the Muslimahs

Last year, the British program Dispatches went undercover in a Mosque in Britain to expose "radical" Islam functioning in Britain. I'm sure the main point of that program was to scare inform Britons about radical Muslims who lurk in every corner. The masjid in question is funded partly by Saudi (although many masajid around the world are) and at least some of the members subscribe to the Salafi form of Islam (erroneously called Wahhabism in the program). Coming from a city with plenty of … [Read more...]