The Fine Art of Sexism: “Islamic Erotica”

I was hit by a case of déjà vu when reading two recent articles discussing the work of Makan Emadi, which MMW has discussed before. In a piece posted at the Daily Beast, Betwa Sharma boldly claims that Makan’s work is part of a rise in “Islamic Erotica.” Sharma says that Muslim artists are depicting Muslim women as pin-ups. The mainly discusses an ongoing debate about Islamic rulings on the depiction of human beings.Rather than being indicative of a rise in the fetishization of Muslim women, … [Read more...]

On the brink of reductionism

This was written by Azmat Khan and originally published at AltMuslimah.After years of critique from local female activists, why did one of the most powerful media platforms for women’s empowerment, Tina Brown's The Daily Beast, preclude the more meaningful ways to understand the complex lives of women in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Their recent summit in New York City featured a discussion titled “On the Brink: Women in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” which embodied longstanding critiques of … [Read more...]