Wall of Shame: Ramadan Television in Egypt

Now that Ramadan is over, I can get it out of my mind and scream hard on how women were portrayed in the Egyptian TV throughout the whole month.

Women are seen as sex objects: there’s no better way to put it than this cliché; it is as simple, as shallow, and as degrading as it has always been. One would think that the so-called Arab Spring would make some difference, after people had watched women side-by-side with men, playing their crucial role in all the battles since the first day of the revolution, but nope… not a chance.

Here are just some of the messages we saw:

Being a woman is offensive!
There is no way to understand the Birell non-alcoholic beer ad campaign for Ramadan other than this. In the whole campaign, they present men in tough situations asking them to fuel the “man inside” by drinking their product for not to be “soft and sissy”… i.e., a woman. In case you think I’m paranoid, here’s one ad, where they have a woman’s wig on the guy’s hair when he starts to be soft, and here’s another one where the man starts looking like a woman when he says “please.”
This is my favorite, the one where he is accused of being a woman when it shows on him that he had feelings for his girlfriend, what a wuss. For him to gain his glorious manly mustache, he shows his girlfriend’s picture to his friend, because of course he’ll only be worthy of being called a man when he objectifies women and act as if they mean nothing to him.

Women are trophies and check marks!
I tried for days to find a way to begin talking about the TV series “The Fourth Wife” without getting heartburn, but it was a lost cause.  [Read more...]