Book Review: The Good Muslim

This piece was written by Sarah Farrukh, and originally posted at altmuslimah.

Written by Tahmima Anam, The Good Muslim is the story of an educated, “modern” woman who loses her brother to Islamic fundamentalism. And perhaps this storyline is why the book has garnered so many rave reviews and literary awards—because Western critics and audiences enjoy literature that confirms their worst suspicions about Muslims. Its premise, a young woman’s struggle to find meaning in a post-war, newly-independent Bangladesh that had emerged out of one of the darkest periods of the Indian subcontinent’s history, intrigued me.

As someone who reviews books from a faith-based perspective, the book’s title, The Good Muslim, also piqued my interest. Although I had not read Anam’s preceding book A Golden Age, I picked this one up.

Alas, the novel didn’t deliver. [Read more...]