Third International Congress on Islamic Feminism

This was written by Sahar and originally published at Nuseiba. The third International Congress on Islamic feminism is underway in Barcelona. Muslim women from around the world have gathered to discuss the pressing issue of women in Islam and the Muslim world. Events like these and the debate which ensues - both from women and men–can often be heated and emotional. Just the very mention of Islamic feminism seems to arouse criticism. Too often there is a tendency to discredit women’s activism in … [Read more...]

Islamic Feminism Around the World

As an academic, I must admit I enjoy conferences. Alright, not all conferences nor everything about them, but I do enjoy the prospect of learning new things, expanding my mind, and meeting new people. Last week saw two conferences on and for Muslim women. One was held in Barcelona, Spain, and the other in New Delhi, India, and both with very different agendas and attendees.Unfortunately the MMW team weren't able to attended neither, but we thought we would highlight them and their coverage … [Read more...]

Third Congress on Islamic Feminism Open Thread

Did any one go? I wasn't able to, and am terribly sorry that I missed it.The theme of this year's conference was Muslim women and issues of globalization. You can see many of the speakers at the conference's website.If you went, SHARE! If you have thoughts (relevant to the discussion), SHARE. This is MMW's first open thread ever, so have at it. … [Read more...]