Powerful Actors or Oppressed “Others”?: Violent Muslim Women in the News

In recent news, Muslim women have been highlighted for their violent actions towards in men in their society.While comparing different articles reporting on the incident of the unnamed Iranian woman (whom I will refer to as the Bad Hijabi for convenience) who beat up the cleric who policed her for her “bad hijab,” I couldn't help but marvel at the remarkably imaginative accompanying photos:Okay, women in Iran wear black chadors, we get it. But there’s a class and ideol … [Read more...]

One Muslim Woman’s Perspective on Violence

Shahina Siddiqui's article "True Muslim society protects women," published this past weekend in the Winnipeg Free Press, presents one woman's response to some of the sexism and misogyny within Muslim communities that has been in the media recently. Siddiqui condemns the murder of an Afghan women's rights activist, the flogging of a young women in Pakistan, and other crimes committed by Muslims against Muslim women. She does so from her point of view as a Muslim woman, and argues passionately … [Read more...]